Take connection to the next level

The engagement window widget turns a conversation into a multimedia experience.

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The engagement window widget enables two-way communication between LiveEngage and external applications. This gives brands a dedicated area where they can share product information, videos, and other rich media with any visitor during a conversation.

Benefits for brands

Maximize the impact of every conversation

Agents display relevant, timely, and personal content in any form.

Gain up- or cross-selling opportunities

Dynamically highlight promotions and special offers or direct consumers toward complementary products and services.

Connect in more ways than one

Integrate your social platforms to invite Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

Benefits for consumers

Share rich media instantly

From images and YouTube videos to forms and surveys, agents can show customers anything within a single conversation.

Encourage self-service

Direct consumers to how-to videos or articles to help them help themselves, meaning less work for the agent.

Tailor the consumer experience

Individual lines of the conversation can trigger and push customized content to customers, making the relationship more personal.

Try our SDK and transform any conversation into an experience

The SDK, which requires development by LivePerson, offers advanced capabilities for integrating applications into the engagement window, allowing two-way communication between LivePerson and external applications. By reading conversation lines, it can trigger intelligent and tailored content to be pushed to the window, which appears as an iFrame off the main conversation window (or as an overlay on mobile). Consumers will receive notifications, in both pop-out and minimized modes, when new content is available to view.

The SDK can also be integrated with the Agent Workspace Widget SDK, allowing rich media to be shared between the consumer and the agent. Using unique session IDs, an external platform facilitates a direct connection between the two SDKs, providing a seamless widget integration framework.

*The SDK requires technical deployment by LivePerson Professional Services.