Conversations that sync across devices

Web messaging gives consumers a continuous connection between desktop and mobile — just like Facebook Messenger.

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Web messaging offers an additional channel for consumers to connect with brands through an ongoing, continuous conversation. LiveEngage does the intelligent work behind the scenes, so that you can continue conversations with your consumers regardless of where they left off or what device they continued from.

Benefits for brands

Turn a transaction into a relationship

The consumer-agent interaction moves from transaction-based communication to relationship-focused conversations.

Add an app

Web messaging enables push notifications and is an incentive to draw more consumers to a brand’s app.

Don’t forget the follow-up

Agents can finally be proactive and reach out to consumers about conversations that took place days, weeks, or even months ago.

Benefits for consumers

Works on their schedule

Unlike chat, messaging moves the focus from real time to real life, creating connections at any time and from any location.

There when they need you

Instead of singular transactions, consumers can have a continuous, always-on, and connected conversation.

No hour is an off-hour

Consumers can reach out to brands 24/7 and see when an agent is available.

For best experience, pair with in-app messaging

Consumers will benefit from push notifications from incoming messages once they download a brand’s app that contains in-app messaging. The conversation will continue uninterrupted between web and in-app messaging.

  • Customers logs into authenticated areas of desktop or mobile web

  • Push notification for incoming messages received through in-app messaging