LiveEngage with Watson

Transforming customer care with Watson-powered bots in LiveEngage.

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LivePerson, the leading B2C messaging platform, and IBM Watson, the top AI platform for business, have announced LiveEngage with Watson — the first global, enterprise-scale, out-of-the-box integration of Watson-powered bots with human agents. This brings a cognitive approach to customer care by integrating Watson technology with LivePerson’s LiveEngage messaging platform.

What is Watson?

Watson is IBM’s cognitive computing technology that understands both structured and unstructured data, has the ability to create hypotheses, learns from collaboration, and interacts with humans in a natural way.

  • Understand

    Understands data — structured or unstructured, text-based or sensory — in context and meaning at astonishing speeds and volumes.

  • Reason

    Forms hypotheses, makes considered arguments, and prioritizes recommendations to help humans make better decisions.

  • Learn

    Digests and accumulates data and insights continuously from every interaction. Is trained — not programmed — by experts who enhance, scale, and accelerate the bot’s expertise.

  • Interact

    Responds and communicates with people in a natural way that allows cognitive solutions to see, talk, and hear.

Bots and humans unite within LiveEngage

LiveEngage with Watson lets consumers message large brands from their smartphones and instantly get a response from AI-powered bots — with human care representatives brought in seamlessly, in real-time, if a bot is unable to resolve an issue. Brands can customize bots with Watson based on their own product manuals and customer service guidelines and start seeing the benefits in just a few days.

But simply “hiring” a bot isn’t enough. Brands need to clearly define their roles and responsibilities, manage bots like agents, and continually measure and improve them to use bots most effectively.

Benefits for brands

Automatic and seamless handoff

Watson can identify and push escalations to human agents based on consumer intent, request, or unrecognized use cases. Both consumer and agent continue to use the same window, with full view of the history and context of the conversation.

Comprehensive reporting

LiveEngage reports on escalations — and the reasons for them — to help brands understand where and how to optimize Watson.

Lower costs, higher agent satisfaction

Messaging with bots has proven to lower labor costs, increase agent satisfaction, and decrease agent turnover.

Benefits for customers

24/7 availability

Consumers message on their own schedules. Push notifications let them pick up the conversation anytime, anyplace.


An avatar shows consumers if they’re speaking with a bot or a human. System messages let them know when they're being transferred.

Escalation from bot to human

A conversation is instantly escalated to a human agent if the consumer isn’t getting what they need from a bot.

TOBi from Vodafone

Created and launched with Watson and LivePerson, TOBi successfully manages a number of Vodafone processes, reducing the cost of call center labor and empowering agents to handle more complex queries.

Cost savings from the bot implementation will allow Vodafone to onshore 2,000 agents to the UK instead of outsourcing to another country.

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