LiveEngage and SMS messaging

Be always on and available through the channel consumers use most.

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The LiveEngage messaging platform enables a continuous connection between brands and consumers with the personalized, convenient level of service people expect right on their mobile device. Now consumers can connect to brands from multiple SMS entry points — Google Ads, SMS via in-app messaging, mobile and desktop content, IVR deflection, and Google My Business.

  • Google AdWords

    Empower consumers to message you via SMS directly from a mobile pay-per-click ad.

  • Clickable mobile and desktop content

    Attract consumers with targeting mobile campaigns that, once clicked, begin an SMS conversation.

  • IVR deflection

    Redirect your consumers from waiting on hold to an SMS interaction.

  • Google My Business

    Capitalize on your existing Google My Business presence by offering messaging — no need to purchase or add any additional resources.

  • SMS via in-app messaging

    Display a “Message Us” button, which automatically directs the consumer to the native SMS.

Benefits for brands

Scale for your needs

Manage your SMS program effectively at scale in one platform, along with all other messaging channels.

Manage operations

Track operations in real time and report on volume, agent efficiency, customer satisfaction, and much more.

Make consumers happy

Deliver superior customer service with messaging while connecting with consumers exactly where they are: in messaging apps.

Connect in more ways than one

Integrate social platforms to invite Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

Benefits for consumers

The preferred channel for customer service

Tap into the millions of consumers using SMS every day.

No apps, no downloads — just messaging

Consumers don’t want to download more apps. They send and receive messages from native SMS, which already lives on their smartphone.

Engage consumers when it matters most

Combine targeted content with SMS capabilities to reach consumers when it’s most effective.

See how LiveEngage handles SMS conversations

  • Pick your number(s)

    You can either use an existing number and its messaging capabilities or purchase a new one on Twilio. It can be localized to your country of business or set to other countries.

  • Connect to LiveEngage

    Connect these numbers to your LiveEngage account. (Your LivePerson team will do this for you.)

  • Choose the entry point(s)

    From Google Ads to desktop content and more, consumers can start an SMS conversation several ways. You decide which to offer.

Manage everything at scale

LiveEngage SMS messaging runs through connection center operations optimized for the messaging experience. Tailored workspaces have been created for agents and managers along with a reporting dashboard to track performance metrics.

Agent workspace

The agent workspace helps agents work as effectively and efficiently as possible. It lets hundreds of agents manage thousands of conversations concurrently, giving them the tools (including notifications, interaction history, and predefined content) to increase functionality as well as consumer satisfaction.

Manager workspace

LiveEngage gives managers all the tools needed to best run their connection centers. They have full view of real-time conversations as well as the option to jump in anytime, access to critical messaging KPIs, and dashboards and reports to measure performance, CSAT, and ROI.

Enterprise-grade security

LivePerson security is paramount in all aspects of our platform. We invest heavily to best protect
your data and information.

  • Data is stored and partitioned so each customer can only access their own.
  • Data centers are global, with locations in the US, EU, and APAC.
  • LivePerson's scalable and stable infrastructure handles 25 million engagements per month and 1 million events per second, with 99.99% uptime.

See how LiveEngage handles SMS conversations