Our agents become your program experts

The pay-for-performance model gives you world-class sales and service agents to run any program for you.

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Pay for performance is a managed-services offering that combines technology, management, and operational expertise to deliver the results you want.


Get the most from agents

LivePerson handpicks and trains staff to arm you with the best team possible. Then, we manage the day-to-day operations to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Increase efficiency; drive revenue

Your campaign manager works to improve labor and engagement performance and handles all budgeting and forecasting responsibilities.

Meet and exceed your KPIs

When LivePerson owns the cycle from start to finish, your performance and quality goals are met more quickly.

Compare routine reports

We facilitate daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins and provide regular reporting and analytics, so you always know how you’re doing.

Ensure QA standards

Daily touchpoints and routine calibration sessions keep everyone on the same page and aligned with your business goals.

Operate on a global level

Our labor partners are located around the world and can communicate with customers in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Mandarin.

Client success

  • Leading communications company BT tasked us to increase its online order conversion rate and reduce the cart abandonment rate that too often led to increased inquiries placed to its call center. BT saw an average of 23% in online sales from 2% interaction of total online traffic, 85% overall channel customer satisfaction, and messaging as the most efficient sales channel, with agents able to handle four or five conversations concurrently.

    Results: Sending follow-up emails to consumers led to a 50% conversion rate.
  • EE, a division of BT, wanted to improve its brand image through an exceptional online shopping experience as well as increase sales with a “no-win, no-fee” structure.

    Results: The program measured a 5x higher conversion rate compared to the self-serve channel.