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The LiveEngage PCI Secure Form keeps consumer information safe.

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The LiveEngage PCI Secure Form adds an extra layer of security. It gives consumers the confidence to submit sensitive information, including cardholder data (CHD), social security numbers, and other personally identifiable information (PII). What’s more, they can do it all in one place without having to jump from channel to channel.


Ensure a secure interaction

The PCI Secure Form dedicates a “secure tunnel” within standard chat for exchanging sensitive identity-validation data. Customer care professionals continue to operate in the same Agent Workspace as data is sent from the visitor in a safe, PCI-compliant interaction.

Protect sensitive data

Data processed by the PCI Secure Form isn’t stored as part of the standard chat transcript, and it can’t be retrieved through the application after the session has ended. This data is securely stored in its tokenized form in a dedicated database.

Ask off-the-record questions (CVV)

The LiveEngage Secure Form gives agents the option of off-the-record or CVV verification questions. In both cases, the visitor’s answers are not stored anywhere — not even in tokenized form — and are only available to the agent in real time.

Client success

MLC is part of the National Australia Bank, specializing in superannuation products. By providing Secure Forms, MLC enables consumers to identify themselves to customer care professionals and access any information they need regarding their investments while still protecting their privacy.

Results: Secure Forms are now used in almost four out of every five engagements at MLC, delivering a superior consumer experience at every turn.