Engage beyond your website

Connect with customers not only when they visit your website but also from the external channels like social media and emails.

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Brands expand their availability through Offsite Engagements. Offsite Engagements launch chat from anywhere, through any media — including emails, SMS, newspapers and magazines, bill statements, online ads, and social platforms.

When setting up an Offsite Engagement, you create a URL that redirects to a private chat with a customer care professional (CCP). And then you use this link anywhere you want to engage.

Benefits for brands

Be accessible anywhere, instantly

No need to visit your website! Customers can open a chat with a single click wherever you want to reach them.

Expand your reach

Increase sales and generate new leads by engaging across several touchpoints, including online ads, emails — even printed materials.

Don’t make consumers wait

Reduce call center costs and increase CSAT by deflecting calls to chat instead of putting customers on hold.

Benefits for consumers

Eliminate the extra step

Consumers don’t need to visit a website to contact customer service. Offside Engagements make brands accessible at any touchpoint.

Give them their time back

Customers no longer have to wait on hold — they’re directed to chat through IVR to engage in a way that’s more convenient to them.

Digitize the print experience

Consumers can scan a QR code to access customer service immediately — without having to search for or dial a 1-800 number.

Manage and optimize it at scale

LiveEngage routes Offsite Engagements to your connection center, where conversations are optimized for agents as well as the consumer’s messaging experience.