Target customers on the go

Display the right message at the right time across mobile devices.

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Send personalized messages to consumers on your mobile site based on their activity and journey. Using LiveEngage’s powerful targeting engine, pinpoint the exact consumers to contact with the message best suited for them.


Offer the right incentive to increase sales

Related CRM automatically appears alongside conversations. Agents can edit it directly, without opening a new window. You can set up the integration to pre-populate lead, case, account, and any other form with existing customer information. Agents need only to verify and update their notes, then submit with one click.

Attract more social media followers

Sales agents need to know if the person they’re messaging is an existing lead or customer, whereas service agents need to see the full customer profile or any open cases. Tailor the agent CRM widget to pull up the records most relevant to them.

Provide service, no agent needed

CRM integration empowers agents with background about the customer they are engaging, which can develop an ongoing relationship.

Engage customers wisely

Choose the level and type of engagement per customer. High-stakes situations call for a chat invite, whereas low-value or hesitant customers benefit from a banner message.

Engage with consumers during off-hours

Captivate consumers with content and messages at the time that’s most convenient for them — even when your agents are offline.

Set up, design, edit, and track mobile campaigns, simply

All creative and targeting directions are done through an easy-to-use design studio and campaign UI. LiveEngage reporting tracks their performance as well as ROI.

Create custom banners in the Engagement Studio

The Engagement Studio allows you to create a custom banner instantly. Choose from one of our templates and customize it to match your site or start from scratch and create your own.