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Set up mobile campaigns in 2 easy steps

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Follow these 2 easy steps to create mobile-specific campaigns to drive sales and lead generation, as well as improve customer service. Join brands like TalkTalk, Adobe, and Toys "R" Us that have implemented targeted mobile campaigns. Many have seen a 28+% increase in conversions.

Step #1

Target mobile visitors with mobile-specific campaigns

You can quickly set up mobile campaigns that are identical to your desktop engagement windows. Alternatively you can also set up separate mobile campaigns to make reporting and data analysis of visitor traffic and outcomes easier.

Make sure these boxes are checked when you set up a campaign’s target audience.

Once you set your campaign up, you can check your mobile visitor traffic and tailor your mobile engagements. To check your mobile visitor traffic within LiveEngage, go to the Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard and select mobile from the device dropdown.

Step #2

Create optimized mobile chat buttons and windows for a consistent user experience

Engagement Window Studio

Use the Engagement Window Studio to design a chat window once and deploy it across many engagements. To provide a consistent experience across devices, you can design identical engagement windows for both desktop and mobile versions of LiveEngage.

Use the recommended engagement format and size for mobile web chat

Sticky Button Embedded Button
A sticky button adheres to a portion of the browser screen, typically in the middle of the right rail or the right bottom corner of the browser window. It remains consistent in appearance and position as a visitor scrolls within a page. An embedded button is built into the code of the page to appear in relation to the other page elements. It will stay confined to a specific element on the page and will not follow a visitor as they move about the page.
Benefits: Speed and convenience—visitors know where it is at all times and can access it immediately when they need it. Benefits: Seamless integration into the design of the page and fits in with the overall brand strategy.
Cons: Space—it takes up valuable real estate on a small screen. Cons: More difficult to find if the visitor has scrolled away from it.
Sticky button
Embedded button

We recommend using the sticky button but support embedded buttons as well.

Once you publish the campaign, check the engagement button on multiple mobile devices to ensure the customer experience is good on a mobile screen.

Engagement Type Recommended Size
Embedded 120x28 px
Sticky 120x28 px
Overlay 300x200 px
Slideout 300x200 px

Want to see it in action?

See for yourself—this page uses different chat buttons on desktop and mobile.