Consumers have moved to messaging

Now brands must too.

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Messaging is consumers’ #1 choice for communicating with brands*

With the LiveEngage messaging platform, brands offer the level of service consumers expect — right on their mobile phones.

*Surveys of 3001 US-based consumer, ages 18-65, conducted by Survata Research, August 2016.

A continuous connection begins with a single touch

Add messaging directly 
within your app

Adoption is simple, as consumers 
are already used to the channel.

It works like the messaging apps consumers already use and love

Names, pictures, delivery times, read receipts, 
typing indicators, and more. As with popular messaging apps, conversations develop over time on the consumer's terms.

No more sessions — just a continuous connection that works on the consumer’s timetable

Push notifications bring consumers back into the conversation so they can go about their day before getting a response. No forced "sessions", no more waiting on hold.

LiveEngage works and syncs across all devices

Consumers can connect from any device and always see the shared history.

Manage and optimize it all at scale

LiveEngage in-app messaging runs through your connection center operations at scale and is optimized for agents as well as the consumer’s messaging experience. With an infrastructure that supports up to 2.5B visits/month and close to 1.4M concurrent connections globally, LiveEngage infrastructure has been proven to support high-volume operations and data.

Through Neighborhoods and Bots, consumers are routed to the best team, bot or individual agent for their needs and not just the next person or bot available.


Our Neighborhoods approach structures agents in small teams responsible for books of business. Consumers are routed to the best team or individual agent for their needs, not just the next person available. The efficiency gains available in digital make this possible, and it can dramatically improve customer service and sales


Bots are like human agents but with limited (or specialist) capabilities and unlimited capacity. LiveEngage lets you manage all your agents in one place, with AI and automation to get both great efficiency and high customer satisfaction.

Meaningful Connection Score

The Meaningful Connection Score (MCS) is an automated, unbiased way of measuring the health of the relationship between consumers and brands. Instead of relying on customer surveys, it analyzes each line of a consumer's conversation with a brand for positive or negative sentiment and provides a score in real time.


Connect with customers digitally and create brand relationships that last.

Reduce costs by up to 48% and increase CSAT up to 92%.

Keep staff happier — meaning lower staff attrition, training costs, and more.

Shifting your calls to messaging