Facebook Messenger

Use LiveEngage to connect Facebook with your connection center operations.

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LiveEngage integrates directly with Facebook, letting your brand tap into the millions of consumers who want to connect on the social platform. This one tool makes it easy for agents to turn conversations on Messenger into connections — with no setup required.

Benefits for brands

Manage conversations at scale

Whether you’re dealing with one message or 100, brands of all sizes can conduct Facebook operations through LiveEngage.

Make a personal connection

Offer one-on-one customer service to consumers on Facebook Messenger while keeping a record of the conversation.

Meet consumers where they are

Stay connected to your customers through a platform they already know and love.

Benefits for consumers

A familiar and seamless experience

Consumers use Facebook Messenger to connect to friends, families, and now businesses. They no longer need to move from one channel or window to the other.

Making — and maintaining
— history

Conversations are saved in the Facebook Messenger app, giving brand and consumer access to a record.

An instantaneous way to connect

Direct communication through Messenger is fast and convenient for both consumers and the brands they’re trying to reach.