Reporting made easy with data APIs

Use your LiveEngage operational data to create your own reports and custom dashboards.

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LiveEngage gives you the in-depth meaningful dashboards and reports needed to run and manage your operations. LiveEngage also offers you the ability to use your chat and messaging operational data outside the platform in real time.

Customize and manage your data

Manage real-time chat operations alongside other channels

Centralize real-time contact center management dashboards, alerts, and KPI tracking for chat along with other channels such as voice calls. Real-time operational APIs let’s you incorporate chat statistics into any existing call center operational tools and reporting.

Customize your reporting and analysis

The Engagement History API gives you control and access to all chat transcripts and accompanying data, which can be used in any database or analytics system to run any reporting you need.

Own all data indefinitely

By utilizing APIs to retrieve your data and transcripts, you can store it in your databases as long as you want. This also means you can show it to your customers at any time, so they remember every interaction with your brand.

Customize your manager and executive dashboards and alerts

Having all the operational data at your fingertips lets you create executive-level and management reports, alerts, and dashboards to help you be in tune with chat operational performance at any given time.

Available APIs

Real-Time Operational API

Send real-time chat operational performance to call center dashboards. Done on account, skill, and agent levels.

Engagement History API

Search, filter, and retrieve historical chat transcripts and related data.

Simple for your developer to get started