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What is CoBrowse?

CoBrowse is a feature on LiveEngage that helps Customer Care Professionals (CCP’s) and consumers navigate web pages collaboratively in a secure manner. This means that complex online tasks and processes can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Use CoBrowse to help your customers purchase customized products, services, or packages, complete application forms, set up accounts, or be guided through the shopping experience.

Personal connection: Valuable customers receive personal attention as they are guided through an online task or process

Better call resolutions: CoBrowse improves First Contact Resolution scores as CCP’s provide hands-on guidance to the customer during their shopping experience

No plug ins: CoBrowse does not require any installations, plugins, or configuration by CCPs or by visitors

Easy to use: CoBrowse can be used on all major browsers with zero setup time or preparation required

Secure: PCI certified architecture protects sensitive information and meets individual security requirements.

Why use CoBrowse?

Feature Description
Co-Scrolling The visitor and the CCP see the same parts of the web page
Co-Highlighting on page The visitor and the CCP see each other’s virtual mouse pointer and can highlight elements of a web page
Co-Highlighting on Text Elements The visitor and the CCP can highlight text elements
Co-Navigation The visitor and the CCP can browse the same webpages together
Co-Form Filling The visitor and the CCP fill out the same forms together

With just a ‘flip of a switch’, using CoBrowse has allowed us to help customers complete an order and to help them search for a product that fits their needs. In doing so we have 4 times higher conversion rates than our average conversion rate.

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How CoBrowse Works?

CoBrowse technology has an enhanced level of security in comparison to traditional screen sharing and desktop sharing. With desktop sharing, at least one of the participants downloads a software or plug-in for sharing a video screen of the entire screen or desktop applications. CoBrowse, on the other hand is restricted to sharing only the website that the consumer is currently chatting on.

CoBrowse was designed with strict security controls to protect the privacy of both visitors and CCPs.