LivePerson chatbots for customer care and sales

A complete solution to create, manage, and optimize chatbots

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Build and deploy your chatbot in less than 30 days.

Build & deploy your chatbot in 30 days.

The major brands LivePerson works with are aggressively pursuing chatbots to reduce care costs and create new digital experiences for sales and strong relationships. LivePerson has a complete solution to create, launch, manage, and optimize these bots. We can build and deploy your chatbot in less than 30 days.

The LivePerson end-to-end chatbot solution

The secret to our success in creating chatbots is the world’s largest store of messaging transcript data, with detailed intents mapped for each industry and their core use cases. We use this data to build and deploy effective chatbots and then run them on our LiveEngage platform with a toolset to continuously monitor, intervene on, and improve them using your existing team members.

Bot solution


LivePerson has extensive consumer interaction data across various industries along with a team of AI and machine learning experts who will analyze a brand’s existing conversation transcripts to help determine the best bot use cases.

We’ll align these uses cases with the right AI engine and then begin bot development. We partner with the best-of-breed bot providers, including IBM Watson, among others.

Bots Development

Consumer experience

LiveEngage enables bot-to-consumer communication through a variety of digital endpoints, including desktop or mobile web messaging or chat, SMS/text messaging, Facebook, and messaging built right into a brand's native mobile application. Brands can run their chatbots on multiple digital channels.

Consumer Experience


LiveEngage handles hosting, monitoring, routing, and management processes to deploy and optimize chatbots — along with the ability to seamlessly transition to a human agent when it can’t address an inquiry.

LiveEngage is built to handle millions of messages at scale with highly secure and reliable infrastructure already vetted by many Fortune 500 companies.

Bots Administration


LivePerson brings more than 20 years worth of experience working with the world’s largest brands to digitize their customer care operations. This includes successfully building, deploying, and optimizing chatbots along with operationalizing a wide variety of digital channels that can be used for bot-to-consumer communication.


How businesses are using chatbots

Imagine a customer care resource with endless capacity and the ability to handle a wide variety of tasks ranging from simple to complex. Chatbots already exist today at many of the world’s largest brands and here are some examples of how these businesses use chatbots.

  • Billing and payments

    Retrieve balance information, explain recent charges, purchase a product, or pay a bill.

  • Order management

    Provide an update on order status, cancel an order, process a return, provide a shipping estimate.

  • Service management

    General information on plans and pricing, upgrade a service, add or remove features.

  • Profile management

    Retrieve or update billing address, password resets, update account phone number or other profile details.

  • Route

    Intelligently route a consumer to an available agent best suited to handle the inquiry.

  • Deflect

    Guide a consumer on how to self-serve via a brand’s website or mobile app for repetitive and simple inquiries.

  • Announce

    Set consumer expectations regarding response time based on the current support queue.

  • And more

    Answer frequently asked questions based on information stored in a brands knowledge management system.

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