How to deploy bots and AI in customer care

AI has reached a tipping point in customer care. Around 50% of interactions are highly suitable for bots, with enormous cost savings. And only LivePerson can scale bots for large brands.

Three bot “secrets”

The bot hype has brought many misconceptions. Here are three essential things to know when deploying bots for customer care.

A bot is an agent

A bot needs to be managed and measured like a human agent, as part of a broader system — workflow, quality control, training and learning, and more — to ensure it is successful.

Bots should specialize

Generalist bots do not succeed — they misunderstand consumers, then frustrate them. Specialist bots work well for routine tasks — such as bill pay, payment card, or address update — and can off-load many tasks from costly human agents.

Humans and bots need to “tango”

With bots doing specialist tasks, it’s important to have elegant handoffs in both directions between bots and humans. Consumers should have only one thread to deal with and a simple, painless experience.

LiveEngage integrates bots and humans

LiveEngage is a single platform that can manage both human agents and bots in one place.
 It has workflow and measurement to ensure bots get deployed to the right conversations 
and are making consumers happy. It also enables seamless handoffs — this “tango” — between
 human agents and bots in a single conversation.

Bots and humans in one console

LiveEngage gives brands control over both human agents and bots in a single console. Deploy, monitor, measure, train, and decommission bots from a convenient, central location.

Humans and bots can “tango”

In recent years, brands have launched many bots as standalone projects, without the needed management, measurement, or escalation to humans. This is frustrating for customers, frequently “out of voice,” and a bad brand experience. Consumers want one thread to talk to a brand, not multiple. So human agents and bots must coexist in that thread, and hand off — tango — back and forth

Off-load many routine tasks

Add bots for the common, routine care inquiries and alleviate significant workload. Measure how they perform and escalate instantly to a human agent if there is an issue or customer frustration.

Benefits for brands

Cut care costs dramatically by handing routine work and processes to bots instead of costly humans.

Keep customer happiness high by intensively managing and monitoring their bots.

Make staff happier by lowering the amount of tedious, routine work. Attrition costs go down.

Benefits for consumers

Get rapid help for simple issues and human assistance for more complex ones.

Connect via messaging 24/7 on their smartphone instead of an inconvenient phone call.

Instantly escalate to a human if they are not getting what they need.

Bots appear as agents with unlimited capacity

Bots are like human agents but with limited (specialist) capabilities and unlimited capacity. LiveEngage lets you manage all your agents in one place, with AI and automation to get both great efficiency and high customer satisfaction.


  • Bot Configuration

    Q. Which bots are available for me to plug in to LiveEngage?

    A. Externally made bots, developed in house by your brand or a partner or created by a third party such as IBM Watson, can be integrated into LiveEngage. Bots are available on live chat, in-app messaging, web messaging, Facebook, and SMS.

    Q. How are conversations routed to bots?

    A. Conversations are routed to bots and bot skills via the same logic as they are routed to human agents and skills. In live chat, setting up campaigns and using engagement attributes directs the conversation to the most appropriate and available bot. In messaging, using engagement attributes that are passed through authentication routes the conversation.

  • Bot Setup

    Q. How can I set bots up on the platform?

    A. To enable a bot as an agent on LiveEngage, brands simply need to create a new user and configure the user profile, including max concurrency and permissions, as appropriate. The bot is then tracked and measured within LiveEngage in the same way a human agent is.

    Q. Is there a test environment to explore the setup before implementing the bots?

    A. Yes. We can demo and set up a test via a configurable test app for brands to use while they work on integration. For a white-label app, contact the LivePerson team.

    Q. How can I set up structured content to use in conjunction with a bot?

    A. Structured content is set up and customized using the LiveEngage in-app messaging SDK.

  • Bot Integration

    Q. Which bots are available for me to plug in to LiveEngage?

    A. Within LiveEngage, a bot is a type of agent and operates in almost the same way as human agents. In order to set up a bot within LiveEngage, the following 4 steps should be taken:

    1. Create an agent type user within LiveEngage and give it the name of your bot. Configure the user profile, including max concurrency and permissions, as appropriate.
    2. Utilize our API or SDK to automatically control the actions of the bot.
    3. Contact your LivePerson rep to set up routing that will determine how your bot should pick up conversations.
    4. Monitor and report bot performance in real-time with detailed and flexible reports.

    Q. How do I integrate the bot into my CRM system?

    A. The bot will need to be integrated into your CRM system directly by the team administering it. It cannot be integrated by LiveEngage.

    Q. Will the bot affect my app’s performance?

    A. The bot is integrated directly into the SDK/API hosted by LiveEngage and will have no impact on the performance of your app.

    Q. How does the integration of bots impact app size?

    A. The bot is integrated directly into the SDK/API hosted by LiveEngage and will have no impact on the size of your app.

    Q. How do bots integrate into the app’s notifications?

    A. The bot is recognized like any other agent on LiveEngage. Any messages or notifications sent by the bot will be treated in the same way as those from a human agent.

  • Consumer Experience

    Q. Is the bot conversation history available for consumers?

    A. Messages from the bot are displayed in exactly the same way as messages from a human agent, both within the chat or messaging window and in the engagement or messaging history.

    Q. How do consumers know when they are in a conversation with a bot?

    A. Any brand can customize and control the way that bots are displayed to consumers. Best practices include creating an opening line that clearly articulates a bot is typing, as well as adding an image avatar to the bot agent profile.

    Q. What happens if the consumer does not want to interact with a bot?

    A. When the visitor is frustration or asks to be escalated or if the bot cannot handle the inquiry, there is an instant, seamless fallback to a human agent.

    Q. Is messaging with bots continuous?

    A. Full continuity is supported when switching between channels while messaging with a bot.

  • Bot-As-Agent Functionality

    Q. How does the bot check skill availability?

    A. The Chat Agent API allows bots operating in live chat conversations to check for the availability of other skills.

    Q. How is the performance of bots measured?

    A. Bots log in to LiveEngage as agents; therefore, their performance is tracked and measured against the same KPIs, including their MCS and CSAT scores. By treating bots as any other agent, LiveEngage allows for analysis and optimization of bot performance via detailed and flexible reporting.

    Q. How do you differentiate between bots and human agents?

    A. When creating a new user for a bot in LiveEngage, we recommend giving the user the name “Bot *.” The bot skill should also be named “Bot *.” This enables brands to quickly and easily filter transcripts, data, and reports by these specific names. We also recommend creating an agent group for the bot(s). Once configured, agents can also transfer conversations to a bot skill as appropriate.

    Q. Is data derived from bots available in reporting?

    A. As bots are treated as any other agent on LiveEngage, metrics related to their performance are included in all data and reporting. In addition, LiveEngage makes it easy to filter and view data specific to bots.

    Q. What is a bot’s concurrency?

    A. A bot’s concurrency is unlimited. This setting can be configured when a bot is set up as a user on LiveEngage.

  • LiveEngage Platform

    Q. Is sensitive information sent by bots transmitted to consumers securely?

    A. Sensitive information can be masked by the LiveEngage system, in the same way as masking is applied for certain data during conversations with human agents. Please speak to your LivePerson representative to have masking enabled for certain conversational elements.

    Q. Will Liveengage server downtime affect bot function?

    A. LiveEngage application server downtime will have no effect on the experience of consumers in conversation with bots on your chat or messaging channels.