All the external systems an agent needs, in one place

Agent widgets organize information and tools, so agents can focus on what they do best.

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Effective agents require access to external systems. With agent widgets, they no longer need to open additional tabs or browsers — everything is integrated right into their workspace.

The power of widgets

Manage conversations — even after the fact

Agents receive in-depth information about visitors. They can also send conversation lines directly from the application and automatically transfer transcripts to external applications.

Know your customer inside and out

The Agent Workspace Widget SDK gives agents more information about your visitors, so they can assist them more effectively.

Customize workspaces to individual groups of agents

Managers can assign widgets to one or more skill. This gives agents only those most relevant to them.

Select from an array of easy-to-install widgets

  • Alias
  • HTML table
  • Marketo
  • CRM
  • Chat-starting page
  • Knowledge base
  • Multimedia
  • SDK
  • File sharing
  • Lead-gen send-email
  • Photo sharing
  • Translate

Widgets in action

Many agents use Salesforce during conversations. Before, they had to access it through a separate window. Now, they display Salesforce alongside existing widgets, letting them view and use the information they need as soon as they need it.