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1 log-in, unlimited engagements, no credit card required.

Why LiveEngage

See more sales, improve consumer satisfaction, and increase brand loyalty through meaningful connections.

Sell Directly to Visitors

By engaging your visitors with targeted offers based on their individual behavior, you can increase conversion rates by as much as 25%.

Offer Real-Time Support

Giving your customers access to 24/7, real-time help not only decreases your bounce rate, but it increases their engagement too.

Find Your Brand’s Voice

Live chat with a real person helps foster meaningful connections with customers and gives your business more personality.


Pay By User
1 user
Community Support

Unlimited chats
Real-time dashboards
Real-time sentiment analysis
Mobile & web messaging

5 minute set up
Pay By What You Use
Unlimited users
Custom Pricing
24/7 online chat support
Dedicated account manager*

Scalable engagements
Real-time dashboards
Robust BI reporting
Mobile & web messaging

Integrate with your CRM

*Available within our Enterprise plans

All user-based plans are billed monthly for a 12-month term

In Other Words

The world’s leading brands use LivePerson to help consumers, convert site visitors, and bolster sales. But hey — don’t take our word for it! Just ask around.

"We saw immense value in digital engagement; customers had the ability to both purchase a product and get the right information without leaving the digital channel."

Norm Happ

VP of Sales

"As the traditional ways of interacting become obsolete, it's vital that we invest in new technologies like LiveEngage to maintain high levels of customer service."

Sholto Mee

Head of Customer Services

"LivePerson's pre-built integration made it easy to implement LiveEngage, and we saw almost immediate bottom-line results."

Milton Pappas

President of Ecommerce


Free Plan

What’s included in your free plan?

LiveEngage is totally free for one user. This one user can take unlimited chats with as many people as they can. We aren’t limiting any features, so you get full access to all of LiveEngage.

But is it really free?

Yep. We’ll say it again: one user, all of LiveEngage, 100% free. We don’t even ask you for a credit card!

Using LiveEngage

What exactly is an engagement?

You make an engagement any time you answer a consumer message or they click a content banner. These help your visitors get answers, learn more about a certain product or service, or find offers that can push them toward actually making a purchase. Pretty cool, right?

What if I’m offline?

That’s where the tailored LiveEngage banners come in. They help guide site visitors when you’re not there to. Plus, anyone can leave you a message with the click of a button, and you can respond when you’re free later.

What if I need more than one log-in?

We’re happy to discuss different pricing options customized to fit your business.

LiveEngage Mobile App

Can I get messages on my mobile device?

Yes! Our mobile app lets you chat on the go. It's available for free for US & UK LiveEngage customers.
App Store
GooglePlay Store (US)

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Just download it at the App Store or the GooglePlay Store and take your engagements to go.

How does the app know it’s me?

Log in with your existing LiveEngage account information, and the app will pick up where you left off.