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Drive online sales, generate quality leads,
and provide exceptional service at a lower cost.

Use LiveEngage's intelligent chat and offer banners to spark conversations.
15-day money back guarantee. No strings attached. No questions asked.

Sell Directly to Visitors

By engaging your visitors with targeted offers based on their individual behavior, you can increase conversion rates by as much as 25%.

Nudge Visitors Along

Incentivize them, overcome objections and upsell. Businesses that use LivePerson often see a 20% increase in online sales.

Ensure They Leave Happy

By addressing concerns, needs, and misconceptions on the spot, businesses have decreased handling costs by as much as 80%.


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Need more than 100 engagements a month?


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Engagement = Active chat or banner click

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**Other payment options include invoicing.
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Customer Testimonials

LP Chat Block 2014


We knew that the ultimate evolution would be to have chat as not just the primary channel but as the most significant channel. 

— Kirsty Traill, Chief Customer Advocate, Snapfish by HP

We are a conservative bank, and the security standards built into the LiveEngage platform are very important to us.

— Lindsay Green, Managing Director and SVP, Extraco Consulting

Optimizing how we identify and proactively engage high-value customers has the potential to create compelling economies of scale while delivering higher customer satisfaction.

— Norm Happ, VP of Sales, Small Business Financial Solutions, Intuit, Inc.

Live chat gives us the ability to humanize this online interaction while creating the capability to respond in real time.

— Chad Caudill, Director, Customer Service and Warehouse Operations, Moosejaw

HP Customer Stories Callout